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How can you use WordPress for Ecommerce- the Importance of WordPress Ecommerce Themes?

Posted by [email protected] on February 27, 2020 at 9:00 AM

In order to run an online business an individual needs to purchase an hosting plan, register a domain for its business, also stock the products that it wants to sell. But, along with this there is another very important aspect that one has to look for is create an ecommerce website. Of course WordPress becomes the best CMS platform for creating a website, at least this is what the modern day web designers or developers suggest or recommend for.

With WordPress, it becomes a lot easy and quick to create a website. With the help of modern WordPress themes, you can create an ecommerce site, which you can maintain and control on your own.

There are several benefits of using the WordPress for creating Ecommerce Website-

· You get the Built in RSS feeds for visitors.

· It becomes very easy to setup and customize it.

· The site comes with interactive comment facility.

· Lots or free WordPress ecommerce themes, which allow you to sell products as well.

· It has search engine integration for getting it automatically pinged. It also comes with search engine friendly pages.

· Additionally, it also offers you with trackbacks for detecting link building.

Creating ecommerce website With Wordpress-

· Wordpress Installation- As you go through your hosting panel, you can find the WordPress option. You can install the WordPress files following the link. It will generate a password that shall help you to login to your website’s admin panel.

The WordPress Installation on your site comes with a default theme.

· Choosing from Multiple Theme Templates- By doing a simple search on the Internet, you can find several Free WordPress eCommerce Themes. You can download thee files and unzip it on your desktop.

Once you have downloaded the file, you will have to upload the theme files on your website’s theme folder on the server. Next, you can log on to your admin panel and click on appearance to activate the new theme. Lastly, once you have selected the new theme, you will have to click on Add New to apply the new theme on your site.

· Installing the eCommerce Plugin- Next, it is recommended to search for WordPress eCommerce Plugins to search for the most suitable ecommerce plugins and install it to your desktop. Next, you will have to install the files onto your site’s plugin folder on the server.

As the installation gets completed, the ecommerce link shall appear on the account. Along with this, the checkout page, products page, page sidebar and the transaction results after the activation of the plugins.

· Options to Add Products- The plugin come with general settings, which help you to set up the products parameters and then allow you to add the products.

Irrespective of the plugin you choose to download, it will allow you to add as many products as you want on your website. It can be managed with ease using the Administration Panel.

Other Benefits offered by WordPress for eCommerce includes-

· SEO or Search Engine Optimization- It provides you with the option to optimize Titles and Meta Tags, once you install the All- In- one SEO pack. Additional Benefits include creating search engine friendly webpage addresses or URLs, altering the permalink structure.

· Options for eCommerce Website Promotion- Generating traffic for your website is another important aspect to consider, when you look to create an eCommerce website using Professional wordpress theme free. There are several ways that you can use to generate traffic, like Article Writing, Blogging, using blog directories, newsletter, PPC marketing or pay per click marketing, social media marketing and so on.

· It helps to Monitor your Website- WordPress also provides you with the option of tracking the amount or visitors to your site. It gives you statistics that help you to monitor your website.

You get to track where the traffic is coming from and the keywords that are generating most of the traffic on your site through search engine. It is one of the most convenient ways of doing it.

Why it is recommended to use WordPress for creating eCommerce website?

There are three very important and suitable reasons why using Wordpress can be used for the creation of eCommerce site-

1. It is very search engine friendly- Using a good WordPress theme; it allows you to optimize your website with ease and makes it easier to get indexed on the search engines effectively.

2. It is available for free- As you choose WordPress to create your website, you do not have to buy any kind of software, as because WordPress itself is software that assists in the creation of the website.

3. Easy to install and work on- WordPress can be used by anyone who has little knowledge about MS Word. Moroever, the availability of different eCommerce themes ensures that managing an ecommerce website becomes easier with WordPress CMS platform.

Of course there are a lot of benefits of using WordPress for eCommerce. Just make sure you choose the theme that you like.

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